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Most commodity and currency markets traded by Capital Asset have experienced major gains over the past year:


Nickel +140%                        Lead +110%

Copper +90%                        Tin +57%

Zinc +53%                              Aluminum +32%

Australian Dollar +39%         Euro +25%

British Pound +22%              Swiss Franc +14%Japanese Yen +12%             Silver +56%

Platinum +53%                       Gold +26%

Palladium unchanged


A weakening US Dollar and world economic growth were the driving forces behind the development of strong bull trends in many of the precious and industrial metals. Trading volumes have greatly increased in both the commodity and currency sectors, as investment funds continue to seek better performing alternatives to the relatively stagnant bond and equity markets. This increased speculative interest in commodity markets has accelerated price movements beyond current fundamental supply and demand factors, creating higher levels of volatility and the risk of significant reversals in certain markets, if the Dollar rebounds or economic growth slows. Capital Asset believes a temporary change in trend may be developing in several market sectors. Contact a Capital Asset representative today to obtain our latest outlook on specific markets and learn about the profit potential and risks associated with these physical commodity investments that offer non-recourse financing; thus determining your risk at the time your investment is made.


The Capital Asset group of companies consists of Capital Asset Trading, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company that sell physical commodities to the public and Capital Asset Financial Services, Ltd. ("CAFS"), a Delaware corporation licensed by the State of California as a Finance Lender.  CAFS provides financing to those physical commodity investors who wish to finance their investments.  Capital Asset Trading and CAFS are subsidiaries of Capital Asset Holdings, LLC, an internationally owned holding company.

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